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Tawara is a leading full-service, multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm, providing innovative solutions in the water, energy, environmental, construction and transportation sectors. Our engineers have worked with international brands, such as BC Hydro, Hydro-Québec, Pacific Gas and Electric and San Diego Gas & Electric, helping them successfully complete large scale projects, from dams and substations to telecom towers and underground cable systems.

With experience, knowledge and full EPCM capabilities, we help clients seamlessly progress through all project phases, from study and analysis to final implementation. Our value lies in our experienced team who combine the highest degree of engineering knowledge with the latest in innovative engineering technologies. The results are both cutting-edge and cost-effective.

Outstanding Projects

Taking projects from theory to reality, our water, energy, environmental, transportation and construction solutions are world-class. From transmission line overhead design to full- scale electrical substation implementation, we’ve completed full-scale projects for some of the world’s leading brands.

PG&E / Burns & McDonnell

Tower modelling, design, structural assessment and reinforcement METCALF to MOSS‐LANDING 1&2 230 kV line.

San Diego Gas & Electric/ Burns & McDonnell

Imperial Valley substation flow controller transmission loop T&D line design. Designed new transmission structures around the inside perimeter of the substation fence in order to connect a new phase of shifting transformers within the Imperial Valley Substation.

BC Hydro

Wood pole transmission line overhead design This project consisted of assessing, designing and replacing selected transmission wood structures and wood cross arms in the designated regions as specified by BC Hydro. Scope of work included multiple circuits of 69 kV, 138 kV and 230 kV wood pole structures to be replaced or reframed as identified by BC Hydro.


Our team is comprised of veteran engineers, project managers and designers who use pioneering strategies and technology to exceed clients’ expectations. 


Global Solutions

We are one of the world’s leading professional engineering consulting and management companies operating in the global market. We serve multiple countries across several continents, adapting our processes and designs to suit the systems and regulations of each location.

About Us

We are a leading multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm with extensive experience in the water, energy, environmental, construction and transportation sectors. Our services have helped industry-leading public and private utility companies, including BC Hydro, San Diego Gas & Electric, PG & E and countless others, design and construct power generation facilities, transmission lines, substations and largescale construction and transportation projects across Canada, the United States and Africa.

We offer solutions from pre-feasibility studies to the preparation of as-built recordings. We also provide construction and commissioning supervision alongside extensive project management in multi-disciplinary environments.
Our mission is to understand our clients’ goals and deliver cost-effective solutions using an integrated team approach. Expertise, innovation and experience drive all that we do. We create value for clients by applying the latest in technology, developing innovative alliances and partnerships when needed, and maintaining the highest level of knowledge in every field of specialization

Our Mission

Our Vision

We strive to be the most trusted multidisciplinary engineering consulting partner for our customers. We deliver outstanding project outcomes that set new benchmarks for global infrastructures.

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