Project Management


About Project Management

Clients seek projects that are on-time, cost-efficient and safe. Our disciplined team engages with stakeholders to ensure obtain the correct regulatory approvals in the process and cover every detail meticulously.

Whether you hired us for consulting or seek a comprehensive engineering solution, we can work with you, reviewing, monitoring and controlling all aspects of development, from initial planning and design to commissioning and start-up.

Planning, Scheduling & Estimating

Our planning and scheduling philosophy is based on team involvement, comprehensive and clear documentation, and the intelligent integration of engineering, procurement and construction functions. We offer planning and scheduling as stand-alone services, or as part of a complete project management package.

Good planning is also vital to successful materials management. On each of our projects, we develop a procurement plan that clearly shows the overall supply-chain strategy while providing detailed schedules for procurement packages. When fast-tracking a project, we give priority to the purchase of equipment and bulk materials to allow the efficient, orderly development of the project and to avoid potential delays in engineering and construction. Once a project is underway, we closely monitor actual versus scheduled progress and highlight any deviations for corrective action. Your project managers receive regular progress updates for each area of engineering, procurement and construction.

Our team uses a comprehensive cost trending and forecasting system to assist in budget maintenance and the early identification of deviations. This helps in making cost-effective decisions before project funds are committed. The system is supported by proven procedures for:

  • Scope of plant management
  • Change management
  • Contingency management
  • Project financial management
  • Detailed re-estimates of completion costs

By providing immediate notification of changes and trends in any cost area, we give managers maximum control over project costs. Our comprehensive cost reporting system displays costs as they are committed, rather than waiting until they are triggered by a purchase order or contract. Any changes in project scope are immediately reflected in cost reports. We hold regular cost review meetings with clients and senior engineers so that the necessary decisions and adjustments are made promptly.

Cost Management

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Procurement & Materials Management

We can manage the purchase of equipment, materials and services every year. We take pride in getting our clients the best value for their money.

We verify that bidders’ proposals comply with specifications, and we check that major procurement packages meet or exceed your quality, pricing and schedule objectives.

We audit suppliers’ quality systems, capabilities and workloads, and carefully consider logistics, cash-flow and after-sales service before we make purchase recommendations.

We negotiate the most favourable possible contracts on your behalf, and we expedite vendors so that they deliver engineering information, equipment, manuals and spare parts on time and in good condition.

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