About Infrastructures

Clients benefit from a full range of engineering skills covering the entire transportation infrastructure lifecycle, including planning, design, construction, rehabilitation and replacement. Our talented engineers and teams assist clients in developing sustainable solutions that balance infrastructure investment with demand reduction, land-use strategies and system efficiencies to provide lasting benefits for the surrounding communities.


Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in bridge engineering. Our services include studies and investigations, preliminary and final designs, proof checking, construction engineering, contract administration, bridge inspection and remedial engineering. We can cover associated services too, including transport planning, traffic and road design, waterway analysis, geotechnical and environmental investigations and surveys.
We develop and deliver road transportation solutions across the entire project life cycle. Our teams provide services in planning, design, construction management and maintenance for all elements of the road corridor, including highways, complex interchanges, toll roads, bridges and tunnels. We understand our clients’ challenges and apply critical thinking to solve complex road system and traffic commuting problems.

Road Systems

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We work collaboratively with our clients as an integrated project team to provide designs that focus on constructability, simplicity, innovation, and technical excellence. We work with building owners, architects, developers, contractors, governments and project managers to execute planning, design and delivery in addition to ongoing operations or the demolition of the following structures:
  • Commercial buildings • Community and government buildings and infrastructures
  • Government facilities
  • Industrial buildings
  • Mining infrastructures
  • Multi-story and large-scale residential buildings
  • Sporting facilities, recreational facilities and swimming pools
  • Transportation infrastructures
  • Water treatment/storage facilities and reservoir design
Ultimately, we aim to deliver safe and lasting solutions with long-term community benefits

Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering

Our deep knowledge and understanding of modes of transport, land use challenges, technology, systems, human behaviour, safety and emerging trends make our transport planning and traffic engineering solutions exceptionally successful.
We use a network of globally-connected transport and traffic specialists to design, construct and manage transportation and traffic networks that improve the broader infrastructure of the community and cities they exist in. Safety, efficiency and longevity are paramount in every project delivery.

Intelligent transportation systems are quickly becoming the norm in every major city. Our clients benefit from our global network of ITS engineers who are involved in the development and deployment of advanced technologies, including the following:
• Collison avoidance systems
• Data communications networks
• Electronic tolling
• Emergency vehicle notification systems
• Incident detection systems
• Managed motorways
• Operational management and control systems
• System audit, review and assessments
• Traffic management and control systems
• Traffic management CCTV systems
• Traffic signalling systems
• Warning and enforcement systems

Intelligent Transport Systems

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