Energy & Resources


About Energy & Resources

We’ve developed substations, transmission lines and distribution systems for some of the world’s leading private and public sector clients. We also specialize in extending the capacity and life span of existing systems, designing and overseeing constructions for ultimate safety, durability and longevity.

Overhead Transmission Lines

We develop transmission lines from concept through to construction with project experience in overhead (up to 735 kV). Our expertise covers three core engineering design elements:

  • Selection of the OHL route, taking into account route topography, available locations for OHL towers, tower and insulator capacities and cable clearances
  • Structural design of the towers and other supporting structures under operational and environmental loadings arising from the proposed OHL route
  • Cable design and selection

Our specialists deliver end-to-end solutions for overhead lines/structures, underground lines/manholes, infrastructure hardening, rerouting, overhead-to-underground conversion design and more.

We bring together the many disciplines vital to successful distribution initiatives, delivering client-focused services that result in sustainable solutions.

Distribution Systems


Our capabilities in substation analysis and design include site selection and development, equipment selection and physical layout, as well as protective relaying and controls. We have comprehensive involvement from start to finish, beginning with project initialization and continuing through to energization.

When it’s time for substation upgrades, our engineers and specialists help lead projects for structure and foundation reinforcement and updating equipment, including protective relays and panels, auxiliary equipment, obsolete or over-taxed circuit breakers and switching devices, aged or overloaded transformers and bus conductors.

Software Training

We offer customized training classes for PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE, and PLS-TOWER software. Clients interested in using the software suite for transmission and distribution line design and modelling benefit greatly from our in-depth knowledge.

Training can take place at our office or a location selected by clients and classes can be tailored to include the following topics:

  • Data integration into PLS-CADD
  • PLS-CADD introduction
  • Setting up codes/weather cases
  • Modelling structures in PLS-CADD/PLS-POLE
  • Modelling conductors is PLS-CADD
  • Transmission line design fundamentals
  • Distribution line design fundamentals
  • Rating analysis
  • Upgrading lines in PLS-CADD.

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