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We are a group of veteran engineers and project managers who are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our team. Collaborative problem-solvers who value integrity and diversity in all that we do, we approach complex problems from all angles and perspectives, creating innovative engineering solutions for our clients. We are also proud to be an inclusive workforce with engineers from all backgrounds.


Build your career at TAWARA Group Inc.
We believe that the best engineering solutions come from employees who are satisfied and engaged with their work, responsibilities and colleagues. Passionate about creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere, we give employees flexibility and autonomy in their roles, ensuring that they have outstanding work-life balance for the long-term. Employees can also participate in the firm’s equity investment program to share in the firm’s success while benefitting exponentially from their own contributions.
Our people are at the heart of excellence. Our team is comprised of detail-oriented decision-makers who have forward-thinking mindsets. Innovation is one of our core assets, and our people embody this principle in everything that they do. We also are proud to help them plan and achieve their short and long-term career goals. Interested in a fun, balanced and fulfilling career that satisfies your lifelong passion for cutting edge engineering solutions? Fill out our contact form below. We’d love to hear more about you!
Under no circumstances will TAWARA Group require you to give confidential information by email or form. Legitimate correspondence from TAWARA Group will only come from the «» domain. When in doubt, please contact us at 604-960-1345.

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